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Somebody asked me why I liked Yoona and whether I liked her because she’s pretty. and then I thought, yeah, maybe it’s because Yoona’s really pretty but then she’s not just pretty. She’s beautiful, she’s ethereal, she’s a real life goddess. She’s like the sun during the day and the stars at night; there is no way for her not to shine as bright as she could. Not with her smiles, with her laughs, and with everything that she is. For the past few years, I’ve never seen anyone glow more as much as Yoona did. I didn’t think it was possible for someone as beautiful as her to be more beautiful over time. But whenever I see her, in pictures, in videos, she proves me wrong every single time. And yes, she’s beautiful but maybe I like her also because her aura has caught me off guard and kept me suspended. She’s humble in a sense that she’s still insecure about herself but also confident to throw a smile at everyone because she knows how it makes the world a little less cruel. She’s a mystery because she’s more than the beauty she exudes but not more than an enigma in a sense that she interacts with everyone as much as she could. And I might also like her because someone like her should look unreachable, untouchable but she’s neither and it’s overwhelming. I could stay up all night an list the things I love about her but then I think I might never end. 
To my ultimate bias, to the only girl who makes me poetic, and to you who makes this world a better place to live in: Happy Birthday Im Yoona! Cheers to another year of you and your sunshine. Stay happy living life and loving love ♥ 
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[GIF SET] Happy Birthday Kwon Yuri!

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Sexy v. Kkab
Happy Birthday Kwon Yuri!

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Happy Birthday to our black Pearl Kwon Yuri - 051212

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SNSD: a group most well-known for their in sync choreography.


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Yuri and her berry good yo’ Japanese  

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Happy Birthday, Kwon Yuri!                 05/12/2012

“You can sing, you can dance, you’re cute, you’re sexy, you’re beautiful, you’re friendly, you’re funny, you’re passionate, you’re inspiring. In short, you are perfect. You’re the one that I knew from the very first time that would be someone that I’d worship. Someone who’s not afraid to show her flaws, her mistakes, her silly way of being. Kwon Yuri, don’t ever stop being exactly who you are, because you are perfect to me.”

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die mortals! die!

go tiffany for shampoo commercial !

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