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Sexy v. Kkab
Happy Birthday Kwon Yuri!

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[GIF SET] Happy Birthday Kwon Yuri!

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Happy Birthday to our black Pearl Kwon Yuri - 051212

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SNSD: a group most well-known for their in sync choreography.


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Happy Birthday, Kwon Yuri!                 05/12/2012

“You can sing, you can dance, you’re cute, you’re sexy, you’re beautiful, you’re friendly, you’re funny, you’re passionate, you’re inspiring. In short, you are perfect. You’re the one that I knew from the very first time that would be someone that I’d worship. Someone who’s not afraid to show her flaws, her mistakes, her silly way of being. Kwon Yuri, don’t ever stop being exactly who you are, because you are perfect to me.”

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Yuri and her berry good yo’ Japanese  

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die mortals! die!

go tiffany for shampoo commercial !

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“While practicing, we absorb each other’s pros and cons. When we finally go up on the stage, it feels like we became one.” - Tiffany

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